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Week Ending 01/25/2020

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    Week Ending 01/25/2020

    Post your score for the week - 01/19/2020 - 01/25/2020

    Please post YTD scores as well.

    Stashbusting MAL WTD 0/YTD +75 (2021 -288)(2020-712)(2019-642)(2018-109)
    Book Challenge 0/30 (2021-26)(2020-55)(2019-51)(2018-35)

    I've come to the conclusion that collecting yarn, and using yarn are two entirely separate hobbies.
    Crochet Is My Yoga

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    The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. ~John Buchan


      WTD +12 Ytd +20

      If I finish anything else I'll come back and edit.
      2022 Stasbusting week ending 3/26 WTD = +6 YTD = +58
      2021 Stash busted +194
      2020 Stash busted +160
      Book Challenge 2022 25, 4nf

      "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.
      The Old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost" JRR Tolkien


        WTD -42, YTD -8

        Scarves are made with leftover sock yarn (1 strand) and mostly leftover acrylic lace (1 strand). I have now depleated my acrylic leftovers (YAY!). I moved on to DK weight, used one full and 2 leftovers for scarves and two hats. Now working off my worsted stash down to nothing. Completed 5 scarves, 3 hats and 1 dishcloth.
        Yarn used from stash this week was a plus 22
        Yarn added to my stash (10 skeins Regia Design Line), is well worth the minus 20 points. This leaves me with a plus 2 for the week.

        Oh my! I've just added 20 skeins of "I love this Cotton" and 2 skeins of KNIT Picks. Revised above, I'm sure.this will put me over the moon!!! This leaves me with a score of -42 week to date and a year to date total of -8. Updated above numbers. I shall get busy making dish cloths and towels!
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        Kathie from Indiana

        2022 Stashbuster: WTD - 0, YTD - 18
        2021 Stashbuster: YTD +41


        Wtd +1 (used one ball)
        ytd used 6 and purchased 4: +6 -2(4) = 6-8 = -2
        this includes a correction from earlier I had the negative and positive point scoring confused, but I think I have the formula right now.


          Hi all!

          I only used a couple of balls this week on shelter mats. I used almost all my little bits & pieces in my leftover bin. Most of that was counted as a whole skein when it was used.

          I finished Part 3 of the Spice Market & I have a secret project in the works!

          WTD +2 YTD +27

          Have a Happy week!

          Stashbusting MAL WTD 0/YTD +75 (2021 -288)(2020-712)(2019-642)(2018-109)
          Book Challenge 0/30 (2021-26)(2020-55)(2019-51)(2018-35)

          I've come to the conclusion that collecting yarn, and using yarn are two entirely separate hobbies.
          Crochet Is My Yoga


          I had a decent week. I started a blanket for my brother in Northern Washington.

          WTD: +10, YTD: +25


            I'm quite surprised, as I thought I would be Shoot the Moon Winner this week. I bought 3 cones of T-shirt yarn and got a prize skein, so -8. But I also finished a pair of sock, which gives me +4, as I used 1 whole ball and started 2 others (each ball is 25 g).

            WTD: -4, YTD: +14
            Expert Crafter
            Last edited by Natalia; 01-25-2020, 08:07 PM.
            2022 Stashbuster MAL WTD +16, YTD -48
            Reading Challenge 1/24


              I received two skeins from Annie's Caring Crochet Kit Club (-4), but I used that yarn all up (+4). I did get 3 balls of yarn from a lovely yarn shop in Omaha during the first week of January, so I'll include those in my YTD totals.

              WTD: 0 YTD: +6
              Expert Crafter
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              "Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself.” --St. Francis de Sales

              🌷Garden Hardiness Zone: 6b
              🧶 2021 Starting Stash:~62,185 yards; Current:~30,400 yards


                Whoops - I forgot to update last night!! Hopefully I can check in a little tardy.

                Wtd: +25; Ytd +40

                I didn’t finish a lot, but mom went “shopping” in my stash, which helped offset my purchases this week. :-)

                I did finish a few skeins and balls with dishcloths, shower mitts, and started a quick crochet blanket. Work should be settling down for me, and crafting time should be picking up. Yay!
                Last edited by Char; 01-26-2020, 05:06 AM.
                Quilting is happening here! ❤️

                Stashbuster MAL 2022: WTD +4; YTD 20
                Stashbuster MAL 2021: +435
                Stashbuster MAL 2020: -286


                  I know that I am late, I am joining in from over at Fiberocity. They are having problems with being able to post. Any way here is my score .
                  WTD +2 YTD -16


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