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Pattern and Yarn Marketplace

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    Pattern and Yarn Marketplace

    Hi Everyone,

    A couple people mentioned that not everyone knew there was a marketplace up and running, there is!! OurUnraveled is adding some free and some paid public domain patterns and vendors can sign up to add their own patterns or yarns to the site. We will expand out to other items as well while we grow, if you need a pattern, it might be worth checking the marketplace to see if you can support a fellow member! There are several filters that allow you to pick out just the right pattern you need!

    You can find the store at:
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    If you are a designer and are debating out listing products there - there is a lot of traffic there. I listed my sock patterns on Friday, and have already had 14 orders placed.

    My patterns are listed for free, so I am sure that is part if it, but - when they are visiting my patterns they have a presence in the marketplace. Traffic is a good thing, right?
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