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favorite Thread Crochet pattern

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    favorite Thread Crochet pattern

    Years ago I inherited a large box full of thread from my hubby's gma.
    Trouble is...all I have ever made from thread is a few doilies.

    What else have you all had success with and found enjoyable making with thread.
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    TexasPurl your garden flag was amazing.

    Any success knitting with the thread?
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    Thank you @hereami

    I've made containers, clothing, doll clothes, flowers, angels, baby bibs, garden flags, curtains & of course doilies. You can see some of the things I've made on my Trello board.

    I finished a knitted doily last month. https://fiberkind.com/blogs/complete...ly-with-spiral

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    • hereami
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      hereami commented
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      absolutely lovely work.
      The spiral reminds me that I wanted to make a vortex style shawl a while back.

      On your Trello board I notice a prairie star afghan. Love it. Did it hold up to everyday use and washings?

    • TexasPurl
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      TexasPurl commented
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      Oh thank you!

      The Prairie Star has held up well. It doesn't get used often. I made that not long after I started to crochet. I'm a bit wiser now & would change how it's sewn together.

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