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Growing Pains

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    Growing Pains

    Hi Team! I wanted to share with you a little about Our Unraveled and how we came about. I am a crafter at heart. I’ve loved making things since I was a child and as an adult have been bitten by the knitting bug. Probably like many of you, very recently I found myself in the situation where I needed to find a new home. I turned to my husband and asked him if he would help me build a website that could be a new home for crafters. Being the tech-savvy and wonderful man he is, he agreed.

    We set up the original forum and hoped people would find us. We were thinking if a few hundred people found us and started contributing we could have ourselves a little community and life is good. Flashback time....Do you remember that kid in school who asked Mom and Dad to have a few friends over? Nothing big, just a few friends. Next thing you know its midnight, the house filled with the whole school chatting, music playing, snacks all over, neighbors call in a noise complaint…. That’s a bit how I feel! I’m delighted you all are here and found us. Welcome to the party!

    We weren’t expecting so many guests and my husband has taken everything in stride. He works full time and then comes home and pours his energy into this space. The past two weeks have been him putting in 16+ hour days to try and accommodate the growth, development, and maintenance of this space. We are just a regular family – we work, we’re raising a family, and have outside commitments. Please keep that in mind as we move forward from here. We want to hear your ideas and feedback; that is how this site will reach its full potential. Please understand that we are not able to respond to each request individually or necessarily right away, but we do hear you. If you don’t get a quick response it isn’t because we don’t care or because we don’t want to help. It’s because our time is a little thin right now, please know we are doing our best and are continuing to build.

    We hope you will join us on our new forum software platform. It should be easier to use and organize. It has the capability for users to blog about their projects, create groups, and of course chat in forums. We appreciate your patience as we grow together. We are thrilled you are here!

    You guys are awesome!!!

    I do hope you will post this front and center on the other website. 🥰. I bet the entire dinner conversation has changed for you guys. Thank you again for taking this on for all of us looking for a new crafting home.
    Knitting is happening here! ❤️


    • snickerdoodle
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      I hadn't thought of that, but I think it's a good idea. Just posted over there too.

    snickerdoodle And I expect we will continue to grow exponentially... )


      Thanks for creating an inviting and beautiful place for us to gather.


        snickerdoodle and Admin ,

        Thanks for everything you have done and are doing to help create this space for us.

        I was just thinking that you and Admin need some "Supersuits" as avatars, and then
        I remembered Edna Mode: No capes!

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          Thank you! You and your husband are doing a wonderful job! I am just so thrilled to have a new home.