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Picture Copyright Discussion - Designers Weigh In

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    Picture Copyright Discussion - Designers Weigh In

    I'd like some feedback from the community and designers on use of photo's in threads.

    Recently there were a couple of copyrighted photo's removed from threads after the question was answered. This was in-line with the policies we had originally discussed but it also makes it hard to keep track of some threads/content.

    I believe legally the use of the images was in-line with fair-use, however just because something is legally allowed doesn't mean people appreciate it.

    Designers, how do you feel if someone saw something in your pattern and had a question on it, they used your photo as an example asking how to do something. Would that be an acceptable use or would you rather have the photo be removed? If the poster made mention of where they got the picture from would that help?

    Interested in feedback and discussion around this so we can protect designer rights but still build a content rich site!

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

    I posted free pattern and picture from Novita knits and some worried that was illegal so I contacted them I was told it is O.K. to do that.
    I think if you can get permission to post things it would help to sell whatever product they have.


      Admin, perhaps the various designers, yarn companies, and publishing companies could be contacted to see if they'll give blanket permission for their photos to be used, and under what conditions of attribution, restrictions, etc.

      A list could then be maintained in some place that's easy to find, so that everyone could see whose pics they can post (or not), what attribution is required, and otherwise comply with any other restrictions.
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        I may be wrong, but I believe you can use photos if you give credit to where it came from. I would also make a note for folks who post pics on our site that they can always add a watermark to their pics with their own info.
        Happy trails, Diana


        • ilexedits
          ilexedits commented
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          I think it was an early thread here, but I'm pretty sure the size limit is also in the message box that pops up when you try to upload a pic that's too big. I wrote down the limits on a scrap of paper I keep handy, but is preventing me from remembering exactly where I first found it!!! :-P

        • SouthernComfortKC
          SouthernComfortKC commented
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          You can use watermarks, as there are free apps, but there are also apps to remove, so it’s useless

        • wheat
          wheat commented
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          Let me start with, the follow IS NOT directed at any single person for the most part

          However, your opinion is not entirely correct - if the photo is of something you made and not taken from the work of others,yes case law would support of your sharing YOUR work.

          If it is a "promotional" photo i.e. some of what I have been posting in the Food Crafters group are from the recipe site
          (and I DO ask permission before sharing the photo including from Shark/Ninja for their products)

          And some, as is currently being used as the "cover" for the UFO group are not "free to use" - that company removes the watermark when one purchases the right to use their photo.
          I do keep hoping that group will make up something of their own

          I could go on for paragraphs and chapters but bascially, a promotional photo with a link to a pattern or recipe is considered fair use.

          Photos of your work, are acceptable

          NOT acceptable in any venue that supports designer rights is using the promotional photos claiming as your own
          and certainly not as is common place elsewhere to take the photos and instructional text and such of another, claim it as your "original" -

          Some of it is just about being ethical and moral in your use of the protected work of another. Because frankly the people who work is most abused are those least able to pursue the misuse of their intellectual property

          I know already more than you wanted to know,

        Wanted you to see one of my pics that I just added a watermark to. I haven't done this with any others cause I really didn't think about it but here it is.
        Happy trails, Diana


        • ilexedits
          ilexedits commented
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          Such a gorgeous color! :swoon:

        • annekepoot
          annekepoot commented
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          I have two "angels" on my shoulder - the good one says - you have enough in your stash", the other one says "yes, but not in this colour" - as the Cherokee legend goes - the wolf you feed is the one that grows ................. hmm, does that apply to stash, I wonder?

        Of course it doesn't apply to stash!!! If it did, the entire fiber business would go belly up..Look at it this way, we are helping to bolster the economy
        Happy trails, Diana


          Although not true of every Designing Author and pattern company - most agree that a "cover photo" and a link to the actual pattern is a reasonable fair use.
          They allow the photo to attract traffic to their site so a small benefit and one they are certainly entitled to claim.
          To the best of my knowledge, this has not been litigated in the US except in a few cases where it was entire "cut & paste" of the pattern.
          and yes, yarn companies tend to be a bit more lenient - but many ALSO work with indie authors - so best to keep as close as possible to the fair use unofficial "standard"
          Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts
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