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File transfer from old forum?

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    File transfer from old forum?

    I wonder how much will be transferred from the "old" forum. We had lots of info and many posts there and it would be a shame to lose it. WOnder if all members and lurkers will be here too!
    If it was answered, already, I'm sorry. I just arrived here couple of hours ago and trying to learn the new stuff.

    Hi Stasher,

    I worked on moving the data over however due to how different the two systems are it was causing stability issues. There is 1 or 2 companies that offer to move the data for you but they were based in places that I didn't want to trust our user data, it would have required giving them complete access to both systems. They could have been completely legit but I didn't feel comfortable giving them all our data to work with. Unfortunately that mean leaving the old data, it's still accessible and I will add a link to it from this site so we can keep it as an "archive" for awhile in case people want to go back and grab something.
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      Where will the archive link be Admin? Thanks for your hard work setting up this site ๐Ÿ‘

    • Admin
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      If you're on a desktop it's on the bar next to Groups - Archive Forum. We've reduced the size of the hardware and we'll keep that around for people to reference. On a mobile if you click the three horizontal lines near the top left it's the bottom item in the list.

    Fair enough! I tried copy and paste but file was too big. I think it is possible to copy and paste in smaller pieces of posts. maybe at least some, where is useful info. I will go and see. Thank you for you time!!!!!