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How To Add An Event In A Forum

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    How To Add An Event In A Forum

    with thanks to qfknit for "cleaning up" my quick & dirty instructions "elsewhere"

    How to add an event to the Calendar:
    Forums > General > Events
    create as you would a new topic post
    then click the calendar icon in the toolbox above the text box, upper left (options are: camera, link, poll, calendar)
    follow prompts that appear below the text box:

    - Beginning Date to appear in calendar
    - Ending Date to appear in calendar
    - Hours or all-day event
    - Location information to appear on horizontal bar in calendar

    NOTE: qfknit found this works best if you are you are working with a full screen, not a split screen.
    A split screen may make it difficult to see the prompt below the text box.
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