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Fantastic Knitting Artist -- Sam Barsky

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    Fantastic Knitting Artist -- Sam Barsky

    Just came across this and thought everyone would enjoy this wonderful, lighthearted piece. Meet Sam Barsky:

    You can see the entire article here, courtesy of My Modern Met: Man Hand-Knits Sweaters of Places and Then Wears Them in Front of Their Exact Location

    Lots of pictures of his sweaters and the places that inspired them... I'm thinking I'll encourage him to come to the Grand Tetons!

    Not to be hypercritical, but... Dinosaur Land is at "Double Tollgate," at least 2 miles from White Post, VA!

    White Post is named for the white post in the middle of the road in the middle of town.

    Double Tollgate is named as such because back in the day the crossroads (now Rt. 522 and 277/340) were each toll roads and to access one from the other required the traveler to pay 2 tolls, passing through 2 toll gates.

    Now that we have cleared that up... (LoL)...

    Love the sweaters, what a great idea!!!


      His sweaters are amazing in person. I have met him at a LYS near my Daughter and watched him work on these!
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        I've been following Sam for a couple of years. Love his ideas!
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