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Fair Isle Jumpers

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    Fair Isle Jumpers

    Fair Isle Jumpers

    I saw this on the BBC's website and thought it was interesting. Those sweaters/jumpers are absolutely amazing. I don't know whether to be inspired, or just to give up now because I will never achieve anything like them!

    Thank you for the link to those interesting pictures, WeeBizzom .

    Beautiful photos!
    - For knitwear designs, I was most fond of those with black and a high-contrast variegated pastel.
    - For human interest, I was most impressed with the then-and-now photos.

    I feel like I just took an armchair vacation (as well as a trip through time).


    • WeeBizzom
      WeeBizzom commented
      Editing a comment
      You are very welcome.

      I did giggle a bit at the first photo. I would have been about the same age as the girls in the mini-skirts at that time, and I can just hear Grandad at the left saying, “You’re no’ going oot like that!” That was the war-cry from all parents in Scotland at the time. If they could see some of the fashions now, they would have fits!

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