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Migrating from “there” to this nice new knitting home

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    Migrating from “there” to this nice new knitting home

    Wondering if everyone else has experienced the requirement at R to create a new PW to enter your page. I want to see if I can copy or somehow transfer all my patterns from there to here BUT don’t want to give them the satisfaction of counting me as a user who has chosen to continue the relationship!! Any ideas what the new PW requirement really is all about?
    thanks for any info. Looks like this site will be very good! Glad to have found it and am recommending it to all my knitting friends.

    Hi! I recognize your user name from R. The PW thing is a security issue so you just need to change it. If you haven't deleted your account, you are being counted as a user regardless of if you've logged in recently. (By the way, I've been tracking and I think their user numbers are.....inaccurate, so it may not matter.)

    You won't be able to transfer patterns here - at least for now - as we don't have that functionality yet. However, you can get your patterns and data off of R and close your account (that's what I did). If you get your PW sorted and log in, you can hover over your avatar in the top right corner of the screen. When you do that, a menu of options shows up and you'll want to click "export data". That will take you to a page where you will see options for various types of exports. I took all of my info before closing my account. Note that you'll have to download each pattern file individually. That took me a while!

    Right now I have saved my patterns to an external drive. There are other storage options, but I'm waiting to see what functionality will be added here before doing anything else.

    Here is a quote about the PW requirements.
    Starting today, if you are using a password that is unsafe you'll be asked to reset that password the next time that you log in. An unsafe password would be a password that is not unique or a password that was used on some other site that leaked its account information. See the links at the end of this announcement for more information.
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    • Nancyknits
      Nancyknits commented
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      Thank you, knitterlady13. I just thought the pw reset requirement seemed a bit fishy! Would you think all the old info could be exported successfully to an iPad? I do not have a windows based computer.
      Very happy to have found this new site. I think it will grow into a wonderful resource for us knitters!

    Nancyknits Welcome! This is such a wonderful community, I think you're going to enjoy getting to know your way around.
    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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      Nancyknits You don't need a Windows based computer. I don't see any issue with downloading any of the file types. How much you can store will of course depend on the storage capacity of your ipad. Your files will mostly be Excel spreadsheets or PDF files. Note that you can also go to your stash page and download a spreadsheet of that info. However, there is a JSON export you can do that contains all of your data (stash, queue, projects, list of library items, etc.) in a text format. Mine was about 60,000 files in a compressed folder. You'll be able to download (I think), but uncompressing the file may be another story if you ipad doesn't have a lot of storage space. You'll also get a folder with your photos in it with that big export. The JSON data is not in a useable format upon download. You do have to manipulate it to use it, but I found the extra work worthwhile.


        I was still trying to get all of my patterns off the site, so I changed my password as requested. Within a couple days of doing that, every social media account I had was hacked. Someone went into all of the sites (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) and tried to change my password. I don't know if one had anything to do with the other, but I was so angry that I was blaming R. Has anyone else had this problem?

        All this frustrations has let to a serious lack of knitting motivation.


        • FreedomLover
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          I hope spending time here can help bring your motivation back, browse around for pattern ideas.

        Originally posted by Cbarnwolf View Post
        All this frustrations has let to a serious lack of knitting motivation.
        See if you can mentally flip the situation around, so that you spend less time online and more time with needles and yarn in hand.
        Download for free my comprehensive, twelve-hundred-page (!) book, Stitch by Bloody Stitch: Knitting Charts Explained, at my website,


        • Cbarnwolf
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          Thank you. I have stepped away from all of the drama and it has helped. I'm finally looking forward to going to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool

        • ilexedits
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          Ooh, color me jealous!!

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