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Christmas in July!

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    Christmas in July!

    With today being July 25th, I thought I'd say merry "Christmas in July!"

    For me, "Christmas in July" is a good reminder that the countdown is on...
    there are 5 months remaining to complete projects for gift-giving and decorating.

    I'm attaching two seasonal photos to help create the festive atmosphere.

    Heaven help me. I just opened this post on Christmas in July, reminding me of the limited time I have to finish all my unfinished projects .
    I had just counted how many projects there are for the previous post on "how many projects are on my needles" . Thankfully voting was anonymous or I really would be embarrassed.
    Actually each project is in it's own individual shopping bag with all unfinished parts and pieces. The bags are all lined up along the floor in my knitting room.
    I keep peeking daily into each bags to decide what to work on today. Nothing speaks to me. But I found this really cute pattern ..................So........
    So I just have to start another new one.
    Help,I am running out of floor space as well as days before Christmas.
    Think I need a diversion ....Maybe a trip to the yarn store SALES . Merry Christmas everyone.


      Think quick projects, everyone!

      Hats, scarves, socks...projects that require one skein!!


        Originally posted by finney View Post
        Think I need a diversion ....Maybe a trip to the yarn store SALES . Merry Christmas everyone.
        If you happen to be anywhere near Tulsa, Oklahoma, tomorrow and Saturday is Fiber Christmas in July. A great excuse to buy more yarn!


        • AcornWillows
          AcornWillows commented
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          I think Wichita Woolery is going to be there!

        • knitterlady13
          knitterlady13 commented
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          AcornWillows Yes! WIchita Woolery will be there. They were there last year too and I bought some of their yarn.

        I only have one goal for Christmas 2019...a stranded knitting mitten advent calendar. I've never stranded knitting. I did luck into a stash of yarn on a FB destash site, so I have most of the yarn that I need, but can I actually knit 25 mittens by Dec 1? I originally paid for the pattern from R, and can happily recommend that if anyone would like the pattern, it is available for free at


        • shrikewoman
          shrikewoman commented
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          *gasp* It's beautiful! I am definitely going to have to save that pattern...

        • Carlota
          Carlota commented
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          That is so cute - thanks for posting the link!

        JenC - Cute pattern! Thanks for sharing!
        There are many free online videos demonstrating stranded colorwork and it is not difficult to learn, especially when working on an interesting project.

        While I realize "can I actually knit 25 mittens by Dec 1" is a rhetorical question... I will attempt to answer it anyway!

        Using the date calculator at TimeAndDate website, there are 129 days until Dec 1.
        The mitten calendar pattern features 24 mittens.
        129 days / 24 mittens = 5.375 days per mitten.
        If you can stick to a schedule of completing one mitten every 5 days, you will have your beautiful mitten calendar, with 9 days to spare at the end!

        The pattern seems to lend itself well to a 5-day project schedule:
        day 1 - cuff
        day 2 - start thumb gusset
        day 3 - finish hand (part 1: rows 30-44)
        day 4 - finish hand (part2: taper - rows 45-54) plus 9 stitches of Kitchener stitch to close mitten top.
        day 5 - thumb and hanging loop.

        If you post your progress and completed mitts here on the forum, we will "oooooooh!" and "ahhhhhhh!" and cheer you on toward your goal.

        Last edited by qfknit; 07-26-2019, 10:53 AM.


        • lsmrcd
          lsmrcd commented
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          Sure! Go ahead and make it sound easy :-)

        • JenC
          JenC commented
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          OMG you are so AWESOME!!!!! I am all about math and for you to show me this makes it very concrete for me. I can do this!

        I want to knit everyone colorwork Christmas baubles as gifts this year. I hope I do it πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I need to get going!


        • Hellokitten
          Hellokitten commented
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          Yes, start now!

        I started a pair of socks for my son. It takes me forever to do these big socks because I have arthritis in my thumbs. I can't knit more than two hours a day.
        i have three other Christmas projects lined up, too.
        Oh, and I just bought a sweater pattern for myself that I really want to start! I won't let myself until l get the gifts done.

        A couple of years ago I started the early Christmas Knitting. There's no time close to Christmas, as i am usually hosting and have much to do.


          Brrrr. Go away!
          β€œI want creation to penetrate you with so much admiration that everywhere, wherever you may be, the least plant may bring to you the clear remembrance of the Creator. If you see the grass of the fields, think of human nature, and remember the comparison of the wise Isaiah. β€œAll flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field.”
          ― Basil the Great


          • Hellokitten
            Hellokitten commented
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            Are you cold? I'll send you 20 degrees. I can spare it. It's going to be 102 here today.

          • Orthodox_Maiden
            Orthodox_Maiden commented
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            Hellokitten ...no. I'm not cold. I'm just cold looking that the picture. Come Winter I'll take those 20 degrees.

          AcornWillows (and everyone reading)... If you are looking for some nice free patterns for knitting colorwork Christmas baubles... I have just posted links to three free patterns which I have collected in recent years. The post is in the FREE PATTERNS group, which has lots and lots of interesting patterns from designers and yarn companies.

          Post with links to 3 free knitting patterns for colorwork Christmas baubles.


          • AcornWillows
            AcornWillows commented
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            Thank you! ❀️

          On August 25 (4 months until Christmas), this keyhole scarf KAL will be well underway... https://vb.ourunraveled.com/forum/kn...-kal#post18221
          Come join us... we started this week.

          In the days before Christmas, when you wish you had an extra quick-knit gift... look no further...!
          This project takes about 10 hours on average.
          Each scarf is unique... knit a masculine scarf, a child-friendly scarf, a patriotic scarf... the choice is yours... all with a simple, practical keyhole.


          • Char
            Char commented
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            They are really very fun!

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