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Copied and pasted from an email I received...important information for pet owners...

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    Copied and pasted from an email I received...important information for pet owners...

    When we first started our journey of learning about pet nutrition we were shocked at what we found.
    Did you know that 1 in every 2 dogs will end up getting cancer? (That’s not to mention the high percentages of dogs that have allergies, poor digestion, skin issues, joint problems and failing organs.)

    And did you also know that some of the TOP dog food brands and treats are actually silently killing your dog...and the FDA has little time or energy to do much about it!?
    We didn't know either and wish we had known sooner so we could better protect our dogs and their health.

    Knowledge is power. And we want you to be as empowered as possible to make the right decisions for your pup’s longevity and quality of life.
    That’s part of our mission here at PetHonesty and a cornerstone of why we do what we do.
    Most dogs' issues originate with poor nutrition and owners feeding dogs treats and food day after day that are filled with harmful ingredients.Companies that make some of the most popular dog food and treats take massive shortcuts for profit and fill their treats with toxins, chemicals and dyes that are damaging dog’s internal systems, causing cancer, creating health issues and that are sometimes flat out BANNED.

    We honestly couldn’t believe that companies were getting away with this and that no one (including us) seemed to know about it!
    We want you to be more informed and empowered than we were so you can do the right thing for the four-legged members of your family and ensure you get the longest and best quality time possible with them here on earth.
    PetHonesty’s mission and nutritious treats are our response to the current reality of dog food and treats.

    Thanks for being a partner with us here at PetHonesty and taking charge of your dog's health to give them the best quality of life possible.

    We're grateful for you and your pups!

    Sean, Ben + Camille
    Co-Founders | PetHonesty
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    ― Basil the Great

    Orthodox_Maiden This is why we don't give our dog any of these "treats."
    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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      Thanks for posting. That's really irresponsible of the pet food makers to include those toxic ingredients in their products. We changed our pets' food and treats several years ago due to having a dog with a seizure disorder. We were already feeding good quality foods, but now our pets only get all-natural, high quality foods that are made here in the U.S. (My neighbor's dog died suddenly after eating treats that turned out to be toxic that were made in Mexico, so I'm very careful to look at labels.) I feel like the quality foods do help. My dog that has seizures still does need to take an anti-seizure med, but on the old food he still had seizures at least monthly. Now he's only had 1 seizure that I know of in the last 3 years. Unfortunately, the top quality foods are also very expensive, so people end up making a choice between what they can afford and what is the best health-wise I suppose.


        Goodness, I did not know all those treats were so bad. I will share with my coworkers. Our pups have a tendency toward a breed specific illness called Familial Shar Pei Fever, which can lead to kidney issues. We have them on prescription dog food and only purchase organic treats that we have researched. Yeah - we are *those* pet owners whose pups are their children. Thank you for sharing!!
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          plainjaneknitter You're not the only ones. The soft treats I buy are either human grade and organic and made with real meat. I do occasionally buy biscuits, but look for the kinds that don't contain dyes. I often bake my own using stock and whole grains. The dogs LOVE those. I used to make them bone shaped, but that was time consuming so now I just cut the dough in squares. When you have 4 dogs you need to bake in quantity!


            I was told years ago about this and not to buy any of these treats. I use only three dog bakery cookies now. They are human grade ( I snack on them too!).
            I make chicken and beef jerky in dehydrator and sweet potato chips and cookies with yoghurt. It is easy and chicken is inexpensive, cheaper to make it at home.
            You can just do it in oven too.
            Thanks for spreading the info !!!