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Filters are Fabulous!

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    Filters are Fabulous!

    Congratulations to Admin for establishing the extensive data filters at the Marketplace. Good pattern search filters are key; now all we need is lots more vendors.

    Well done, Admin!
    Bless those who disappoint you; they're leading you toward a better path.

    Our Admin is fabulous! I have no idea what it takes to establish extensive data filters but it sounds quite impressive!
    Shelly in South Carolina

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    • Amore
      Amore commented
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      The great strength of the infamous r and to a lesser degree the strength of LoveCrafts is the pattern search capacities of each site. A crafter seeking a suitable pattern wants to know its style type, yarn weight, yardage, and as many other subcategories as feasible. Great search capacity--in one location--is a strong draw. Well done, Admin!

    • FreedomLover
      FreedomLover commented
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      That I understand and I agree. I'd fall in love with yarn at the fiber festival and then search to see what I could make with what I purchased.

    <3 I tried to make sure we had all our bases covered, that's the biggest downfall with Etsy is patterns are just another "product", I want our site to be easily searchable for fiber artists to find what they are looking for!
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