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    Likewise, if give me a burner email address to copy the notebook to your own workspace, and you decide you like it, you can always set up a new workspace with your preferred email address and copy it over yourself without ever having to tell me your real email.

    This tool is used by teams to collaborate, so typically it isn't weird to invite someone using their email. I tried to create a generic link but it won't let people view the page if their email isn't whitelisted first.


      MissAnthropyKnits One thing I'd be curious to know is if you can move items to different databases. I've been using Airtable for now and I like that I can link my projects to my stash. The one thing that I don't like is that once an item is in a database, it can't be moved to another and maintain the link. You have to recreate or copy the item and then re-link. So, that means for stash I either need to keep my used up stash in my stash database or recreate and relink to any all associated projects. If notion allows shifting between databases, I might be interested in moving my data there or duplicating it to try a new system.


        knitterlady13 I started with AirTable too and I actually really like their UI. Notion doesn't have quite as many features, but I outgrew AirTable's free plan with just my projects. I couldn't even get my stash loaded in, let alone my spinning projects & fiber stash or my library. Notion's paid plan is $4/month (to AirTable's $20/month) for unlimited records & attachments. I'm the process of building my spinning notebook with my fiber stash and spinning projects to link to my stash, and then I plan to convert my library to Notion as well since I pay for the unlimited attachments. I'll be able to attach PDFs right in the database!

        In Notion, I created a secondary table that links the stash to the projects table, so that I could do a many-to-many linkage. That way I can automatically decrement a single stash record from multiple project records, or link multiple stash entries to one project. This emulates the "Packs" linkage that Ravely used behind the scenes.

        I keep my stash all together in one table, but organized by status. I have a few different views that show only my "In Stash" and "Scraps" (I added a status because it seemed logical to me), by name, color, yardage, etc. And I also have a Kanban view that organizes stash by status:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-09-07_10h26_19.png
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        Like AirTable, you can't import a table into Notion with the linkages intact. You can update multiple records at a time, but it's tedious. Converting the data is pain (and has been in every application I've tried) but entering new data going forward should be pretty easy!


          MissAnthropyKnits Thanks for that information. I'll give it a try. I have the same issue with Airtable. I do have my stash there right now, but there isn't enough room left for my other items. I've put my 3 most recent projects, but don't have enough room to add them all. Having my stash somewhere is the most important thing to me for now. I tried uploading my my library spreadsheet....lol...that was far more listings than allowed. I have no interest in paying $20/month either.


            I think the thing I a most excited about, beyond getting my project/stash/spinning notebooks to link to each other, is the fact that I'm actually going to be able to add my downloaded PDF patterns to Notion too. I really liked my Calibre solution, such as it is, but having everything together in one database, with web and mobile apps, is going to solve a lot of my pain points for leaving Rav.

            Let me know if you get stuck or want to take a peek at my build! I'm happy to add you to my notebooks!


              FOLKS - I may have figured out how to make the template page public without needing email addresses. It was hiding in plain sight and now I feel a bit sheepish (see what I did there...)

              Anyway, if anyone wants to give it a shot, here's what should be a public link:

              Notion Fiber Journal


              Amazon Widget


              Paypal Donate Link