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    That sounds terrific!! Thank you Mr Admin...You da man
    Happy trails, Diana


      Admin That's fantastic!


        Admin - This morning I checked my notifications. I had a notification that someone had posted on a topic to which I am subscribed. I clicked on the topic listed in the notification. I got the message that I am not authorized to view that topic. I went to My Groups, found the topic and clicked on it. I was able to view the topic going that route.
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          The notification will usually bring you directly to the message, if the message was deleted by the author it will give that error message. I'm going to change it so people can see that a message was deleted.

        On my main forums page the sewing categories all have blue folders as if they have new posts, but they don't have new posts. Is anyone else seeing this?
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          FreedomLover Have you recently cleared your cache? I think you're talking about the little text icons next to the sub-forms/categories? If so, clearing cache might reset those to look like you haven't read those topics. Let me experiment. Hang on.

          ETA: OK - So I cleared my history for the last 7 days and all of the icons for threads I've read in the last week turned back to blue.
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            I also had to clear the server cache so that may have had an impact as well.

          • FreedomLover
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            I have read them and it appears I haven't. I've tried marking the channel as read but they still show as unread. It's not a big deal, just something that made me wonder if it was only me.

          Is there a way to navigate to the last read post of a topic? Say a topic has 6 pages of individual posts and I've previously read to the middle of page 3. If I click on the topic name it opens at the top of page 1. I found the little blue double arrow that will take me to the last post of the topic. I don't seem to be able to open the topic at the point on page 3 where I want to start reading again. Thank goodness I can knit and crochet better than I can navigate computers!!!!
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            gerripho which double arrow are you clicking on? Make sure it is this one:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	23A751A6-A203-4968-BBCE-B40B7CBEECA9.jpeg
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            I know it is easy to click the title instead of the arrows, sometimes I have to zoom in.

            If that does not help let me know.
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