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Welcome to Knit Swag

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    Welcome to Knit Swag

    I would like to take a moment to welcome Knit Swag as our newest paid advertiser. Please show her shop some love - she has a lot of cool things in there!

    I am digging this entrelac iPhone case.
    Knitting is happening here! ❤️

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    Stashbuster MAL 2020: -286

    I'm also digging the phone case AND I lived in Fuquay Varina, NC for a year, very nice people there. Welcome KnitSwag!
    Shelly in South Carolina

    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." Dalai Lama

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      KnitSwag A big welcome to FiberKind. I peeked at your shop and need to go back with time to really look around. Your novel idea has some things that will make great Christmas present!


        KnitSwag ~ Welcome! I love all your notecards!

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        I've come to the conclusion that collecting yarn, and using yarn are two entirely separate hobbies.
        Crochet Is My Yoga


        KnitSwag Welcome to Fiberkind! You have a lovely shop!


          Thanks ladies for the warm welcome! Based on your enthusiasm for the interlace phone case, I've decided to add it in about five more colors! If you see a design that you like, but want it on a different product, just ket me know and I can add it to the shop for you. I'm a professional graphic designer by profession, and have a background in the printing industry, so I can create anything you can dream up! If any of you do colorwork knitting, you may be especially interested in my knitter's graph paper, where the grid is made of actual knitting shaped stitches, rather than just rectangular boxes. It gives a much more accurate representation of how the final design will knit up.

          Thanks for the warm welcome! It's good to be here at FiberKind!
          KnitSwag: *personalized knitting swag, designed by an actual knitter.


            I wanted to do a little
            something for you lovely ladies here on Fiber Kind! I’m offering a discount code for 15% off all my
            notecards through the end of the July:


            KnitSwag: *personalized knitting swag, designed by an actual knitter.



            • knitter131
              knitter131 commented
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              Ooohhh! Thank you so much 😀😀

            • pinesprairie
              pinesprairie commented
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              That's kind of you, thank you. Very timely as it lets me cross one off my list!

            • Snoogins
              Snoogins commented
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              Thank you! I grabbed some! I was looking at your mugs as well and the 2020 with toilet paper cracks me up 😆😆 Ive got my eye on that top down mug, but i have no more room for coffee cups in my cabinet right now lol!

            Hi Snoogins! Thanks for you order! Whenever you need more coffee cups, just let me know! 😉
            KnitSwag: *personalized knitting swag, designed by an actual knitter.



              Hi again! I’ve decided to offer a FiberKind exclusive coupon code every month. For August 2020,
              all mugs are 15% off with code: MUGS082020

              Happy knitting!
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              KnitSwag: *personalized knitting swag, designed by an actual knitter.



              • TexasPurl
                TexasPurl commented
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              • Char
                Char commented
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                Way cool!

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