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Pinterest - let's share what we're finding

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    Pinterest - let's share what we're finding

    I'm kind of new at this but ..

    I'm trying to share a pin but it looks like I'm sharing one of my boards. Oh well - there's only one pin so far ...

    If that didn't work, I'm mcavana on Pinterest and I just created a board called "teaching knitting". I'm trying to gather some pins for DD.
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    Is there a way we could have a FiberKind id on Pinterest (admins????) that we could collaborate on? Kind of a way to have our own gallery of projects, patterns to browse, etc.? Just a thought ...


      I am going to tag Admin on this one. :-). I am not on Pinterest but I am guessing if Fiberkind was on Pinterest it could help pump up the membership here?

      I don’t know much about it, but I know Admin is swamped and may need help running and moderating it to make sure it stays under control...
      Knitting is happening here! ❤️

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