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Drops charts

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    Drops charts

    I'm planning to make the hat from this set and as it's my first Drops pattern I'm hoping someone here has experience with them and can tell me what it means to, for example, "work A.8B (= 19 stitches) over A.8A and A.9C (= 16-18 stitches) over A.9B". The whole work 'over' is lost on me.

    Sorry, I'm having trouble with linking.
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    Whew, that's a bit complex. Looks like you'll work the chart section for A.8b where you had worked the stitches for A.8a in the previous round (so "over" that last section) and, likewise, the chart section for A.9b in the places where you worked A.9a in the previous round. The result is that, at the end of the project, you've worked alternating repeats of charts A.8 and A.9, without crossing the streams by working chart A.8 stitches where you'd previously worked A.9 stitches.


      Good morning!

      I have used their charts before to make a shawl, and I agree - they are confusing when we are used to boxes. :-)

      I believe the “work over” is a translation issue more than anything. Basically you are knitting the stitches from the previous row. Just like you normally would. So if the ribbing took you 8 rows, row 9 is next section on the charts.

      Are you figuring out the charts ok?
      Knitting is happening here! ❤️

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        I agree with HeatherAthebyne . Each pattern A.8 and A.9 is divided in A,B, C, D. So "over" means you go from A to B, B to C and so on.
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          I really love DROPS patterns. Beautiful results.

          My advice on this, and anything else that appears confusing, is to just take it slowly. One line at a time. I have never read ahead, as I am not a "big picture" person , but I relate to details. It's a different mindset.


            Thanks everyone! It's starting to become clearer now. I haven't started yet, just looking over the pattern to see if I might be able to handle it, hehe.


            • Char
              Char commented
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              You got this!!! And if you need help we are here to help!

            • FreedomLover
              FreedomLover commented
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              I love DROPS patterns as well, but sometimes they require some time to figure out what to do next.

            • RosaJo
              RosaJo commented
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              Thank you!!

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