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Yarn Question - Brown Sheep Yarn Co.

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    Yarn Question - Brown Sheep Yarn Co.

    I have a BUNCH of a yarn that I purchased from DBNY before they went out of business (sad face...small sobs).
    It is a Brown Sheep Yarn Co. yarn and it is a bit "ropey", almost as if it is a homespun that was slightly over-spun. I am making a sample square to see how it washes up and _hopefully_ blooms wonderfully.
    Question: Has anyone here used this ? I would love to see a project made with this after it has been washed. My daughter started using some of this (because ... y'all... I bought 7 colors of 5 skeins each and that is some YARN) on a piece she was crocheting, but is concerned about how it is coming out.
    It is a worsted weight, has no name (boooo) .

    Pics to follow of a skein and the label, as well as my partially completed test. Thanks for any input you may have!


    You are right - it does look tightly spun. I’ll be curious to see what input others have to offer and how it washes up. I don’t have experience with this type of yarn, though.
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