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July 2021 Sock KAL CHAT

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    July 2021 Sock KAL CHAT

    This is the thread to chat about our socks. Share pictures of your yarn and pattern ideas here.

    This month our theme is Sharks. It's time to go to the beach. Watch out for sharks!
    Cute pattern idea for someone who would love shark socks:

    Our color this month is: Grey

    Bonus entry if you watch a shark movie like Sharknado or Jaws while you knit. Share a picture of you knitting with sharks on the TV screen! We'll trust you if you tell us what shark movie you watched.
    Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b

    My grandson is here so today I'm going to measure his foot and get started on some shark socks! That is - if I can get him out of the pool long enough to measure his foot. When I got up this morning at 8 a.m., he was already in the pool with my daughter. He arrived yesterday and spent the afternoon and early evening in the pool. When it was time for bed, my daughter asked him which book he wanted to hear. He said, "No book. I just want to go to sleep." He's really going to be worn out starting at 8 am!
    Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b


      🎶 Baby Shark du du, du du du du du du….. 🎶

      you are welcome.
      Quilting is happening here! ❤️

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      • K2-Tog
        K2-Tog commented
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        LOL Char

      Click image for larger version

Name:	EC628903-62D7-4143-BFB6-55451C4EF1A7.jpeg
Views:	140
Size:	65.9 KB
ID:	104617

      Click image for larger version

Name:	9DBB25D9-7961-49A9-8F11-485131A5C9BD.jpeg
Views:	127
Size:	123.5 KB
ID:	104618

      I'm ready to start shark socks! I've got my yarn, pattern and a shark movie. I chose "Toxic Shark." In the first few minutes, the shark has sprayed a green, toxic substance and eaten four people. Whose idea was this?!!
      Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b


      • lovestostitch
        lovestostitch commented
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        It was a zombie shark movie! It was terrible.

      • Nyssareen
        Nyssareen commented
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        Zombie sharks? Thanks to my older brothers' obsession with MST3K as teenagers, I am a big fan of bad movies, I may have to check that one out! 🤣🤣🤣

      • lovestostitch
        lovestostitch commented
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        Nyssareen - It definitely qualifies as a bad movie! It was so ridiculous, it did make me laugh. The shark spews a toxin and if he bites someone, they become a biting zombie. It is set at a single's vacation island and one of the bikini clad girls goes on a biting rampage and turns all the singles into zombies! No worries, they go into the water and the shark eats them. Three of the singles do escape. I won't tell you the ending!

      Shark Week starts July 11 on the Discovery Channel!

      I've started my shark socks. I'm making mine in a child's size with fingering weight yarn instead of the worsted weight in teen or adult size in the pattern. If anyone wants to make these for a kid in their life and needs help adjusting the pattern, just ask and I'll share what I'm doing.

      The top of the sock is a triangle and will end up being the shark's mouth. You put your foot into the shark's mouth! I think my grandson will really love these.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	E86573AA-0492-4B02-840B-3E18B12505AB.jpeg
Views:	126
Size:	115.8 KB
ID:	104814

      Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b


        Click image for larger version

Name:	78191A02-C2B0-4D90-8EC6-137E9EA6E530.jpeg
Views:	105
Size:	146.4 KB
ID:	105774

        Making progress! One shark sock done but not decorated. It will get eyes, teeth, fins and gills.
        Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b


        • knitter131
          knitter131 commented
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          Is the cuff the sharks mouth? What fun!

        • lovestostitch
          lovestostitch commented
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          knitter131 - Yes - you put your foot into the shark's mouth! There will be white teeth when I'm done.

        Good morning Fiberkind Sock knitters! I have a question for your collective expertise on socks.

        I have knit myself one pair of socks with a fingerling yarn, knit picks felici. I would love to be a sock knitter, but I don't wear thin socks, which to me the fingerling socks (made on size 1 or 2 needles- I can't remember which), are thin.

        I have a low volume foot and so like thick socks (e.g. hiking socks).

        So....my question is, is it possible for me to make a thick sock I would actually wear? using worsted weight on small needles holding extra nylon? (As it seems most worsted weights do not have enough nylon for socks).

        Has anyone made really thick socks? (Compared to the usual fingerling weight)

        My favorite everyday socks are Farm-to-feet socks, if those ring a bell for anyone.

        I have a feeling that making socks thick also messes up any pattern I might use if using a thicker yarn and so it may be a project I save for retirment! 🤣 (which is a long way off!)

        I have a yarn crawl coming up and so was thinking of projects.

        Just thought I'd ask! Thanks!


        • Spice2s
          Spice2s commented
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          Skolt Saami Socks from Inari by Laura Ricketts - I took a class from Laura where we made her saami socks which are a worsted pattern. I used a alpaca yarn. It felts as I wash and wear it, but they are very comfortable and warm I cast on 52 stitches for my worsted versus my 64/68 for fingering.

        • Sommerfugl
          Sommerfugl commented
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          I use two strands of fingering held together for boot/hiking socks. I've only made plain ones, but most stitch patterns shouldn't be to hard to add.

        • Knit2PSquare
          Knit2PSquare commented
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          Thank you for suggestions everyone! I did go to the library this past weekend and managed to find a few worsted weight patterns (yeah!) But holding the fingerling double is a good plan too Sommerfugl

        Click image for larger version

Name:	E2CF8D39-41D4-4646-AB74-E2AD976CED33.jpeg
Views:	87
Size:	211.4 KB
ID:	106930

        Shark's teeth! My socks are done. Just need to add the embellishments.
        Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b


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