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Natural dyeing for stashbuster socks

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    Natural dyeing for stashbuster socks

    I have reams of itty bits from previous socks - I'm going to Russian join and then overdye - is there something I'd have around the house that would work? Tea, for example, or would that make mud? Really don't want to get into dye baths or making a Beekeeper's quilt.

    My aunt has used red cabbage to dye things. Not sure about tea.

    I usually use Wilton food coloring, or any food coloring.
    Tell me something good!!!

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      I recommend food coloring, Easter egg tablets or unsweetened Kool-Aid or Wyler's drink packets.
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        Dying with old school kool-aid packets is so simple and gives you a lot of color except the lemonades. You don't have to add any type of vinegar or acid as the citric acid already in it is perfect. And it's not harmful at all. Although you couldn't pay me to drink it. Lol We overdyed yarn with it and it came out fine but that was just a beige color. My 10 and 12 year old grandkids each dyed a skein.
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          Thank you for your input - guess I'll go looking for Kool Aid! And you're right - wouldn't drink it, but maybe dye with it!


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            I found that Wyler's drink packets also work and they are cheaper than Kool-Aid. Just be sure you get unsweetened. The plain packets can be hard to find.

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