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Sock Knitters United

Additional sock knitting resources and past activities can be found in our Sock Knitters United group:

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Sock KAL Schedule

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    Sock KAL Schedule

    Sock KAL Schedule

    March 2022
    March is all about Ireland! You can do anything Irish - Irish yarn, an Irish technique, a pattern featuring shamrocks, or a pattern by an Irish designer.

    April 2022
    We're going to do "Out Your Window" again! Share a picture of the view out your window taken during this month. Do you have snow or blooming flowers? Tell us how your socks coordinate with your view.

    May 2022
    Summer is almost here and it's time to think about traveling so this month it is time to learn how to do Traveling Stitches. If you've done traveling stitches before, please post pattern links in the Chat thread.

    Past KALs:

    July 2020
    Theme: Patriotic
    Color: USA residents: Red, White and/or Blue. Non-USA residents: the colors of your country's flag

    August 2020
    Theme: Garden Harvest
    Color: Green - for all those zucchinis being picked!

    September 2020
    Theme: Back to School
    Color: Yellow - for school buses and pencils!
    Char's great Pencil and School Paper sock patterns are free in the Fiberkind Marketplace:

    October 2020
    Theme: Fall
    Color: Orange - for pumpkins!

    November 2020
    Theme: Thanksgiving - What are you thankful for?
    Color: Beige - for turkeys and pie crust!

    December 2020
    Theme: Holiday
    Color: Sparkly! Any color sparkly yarn!

    January 2021
    Theme: What do you see outside your window? For your theme picture, include a picture looking out your window and tell us how your view inspired your pattern choice.
    Color: Any color you see outside your window

    February 2021
    Theme: Love. Love can be hearts or it can be doing a pattern that your loved one especially appreciates. Tell us how your pattern says Love💕!
    Color: Pink

    March 2021
    Theme: St. Patrick's Day or something Irish
    Color: Green

    April 2021
    This month will be a chance to learn something new. We will be discovering helical knitting to create blended socks using yarn scraps.
    Theme: Helical knitting

    Color: Scraps

    May 2021
    Theme: Mother's Day! You qualify for the theme if you make a pair of socks for your mom or a loved one who is a mom.
    Color: Your loved one's favorite color or if they are for you - your favorite color.

    June 2021
    Theme: Flowers
    Color: Any color that matches a flower in your garden. Your finished picture should be a picture of your socks near your flowers.

    July 2021
    Theme: Sharks
    It's time to go to the beach. Watch out for sharks!
    Cute pattern idea for someone who would love shark socks:

    Color: Grey

    Extra entry if you watch a shark movie like Sharknado or Jaws while you knit. Share a picture of you knitting with sharks on the screen! We'll trust you if you tell us what shark movie you watched.

    August 2021
    Theme: Creative ways to disguise "ugly" yarn.
    Color: The ugliest yarn in your stash. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder so you choose which one you think is ugly.

    September 2021
    Theme: Garden Harvest
    This time of year is a busy time for gardeners as we continue with harvesting. Find a pattern that is related to gardening.
    Color: The color of your favorite garden fresh fruit or vegetable.
    Bonus entry: Post a picture of your socks in your garden next to the fruit or vegetable that inspired your color choice.

    October 2021
    Theme: Design your own! Find an interesting stitch pattern and turn it into a sock design.
    Color: Fall colors

    November 2021
    Theme: Holidays! Use a holiday inspired pattern.
    Colors: Holiday colors

    December 2021
    Theme: Gift Giving. Knit a pair of socks for someone else.
    Color: The recipient's favorite color.


    January 2022
    Theme - Something new. Never tried helical knitting, mosaic designs, short row heel? Try something new and let us know how you liked it.

    Color: Something new to you. Never tried self striping yarn - try it this month. Never tried combining colors for scrappy socks - try it this month. Use your imagination!

    February 2022
    February is all about Love 💕 so this month our theme is choosing a pattern or designer that one of our fellow knitters love.

    Expert Crafter
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    Naperville, IL - Growing zone 5b

    Expert Crafter
    KnitsWithHorses - look what we have here!
    Tell me something good!!!

    Stashbuster MAL 2022: WTD +0; YTD 20
    Stashbuster MAL 2021: +435
    Stashbuster MAL 2020: -286


    I am often knitting to meet a loved one's request or a need... so any sock knitting on my part may be random and out-of-sync with the planned schedule, but I will post photos when I can.


    • lovestostitch
      Expert Crafter
      lovestostitch commented
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      The themes are very flexible as there are many patterns that will work with the theme. If you choose to do your own thing, that's ok. Any pair of finished socks earns an entry into the prize drawing. Following the theme and using the monthly color earns bonus entries.

    • FreedomLover
      Expert Crafter
      FreedomLover commented
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      I love this, that all socks are part of the SKAL.

    Love the planned out schedule. I'm sure
    Char is glad to have someone else take care of that for her!


    • rkennell
      rkennell commented
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      Hey, crafting time is research time when you're the owner of a crafting site!

    • Char
      Char commented
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      Absolutely!!! I need to explore all crafts, even those I've never explored before. LOL

    • lovestostitch
      Expert Crafter
      lovestostitch commented
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      I'm so happy to help out. The only hard part was figuring out a color for November. First, I thought brown because of pilgrim's clothes. Then I double checked on that and they wore black. I asked my husband what color he thinks of when it comes to November. He said, "Grey, because the sky gets so dreary in November." I said, "Oh that doesn't help me. That's too depressing!" I had to be a little creative by saying turkeys and pie crust are beige.

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