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My First Embroidery

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    My First Embroidery

    Normally I only knit, but yesterday I felt a strong urge to try embroidery. I just so happen to have some old fabric, a hoop, and thread that I obtained from my great-grandmother after she passed away. Now I needed to find an image and I did, but it was not just any image either, but the image of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Considering her feast day was yesterday, it made sense.
    I looked up a quick 3 minute video on different stitches and then hit the fabric.

    Let me know what you think (e.g. what I could have done, tips, what I still need to do, etc.)

    It looks as though you've certainly done it before! Very nice. I wish I had the patience for hand embroidery. I barely have it for machine embroidery.

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      I don’t embroidery myself so I can’t help, but this is beautiful!
      Knitting is happening here! ❤️

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        This is lovely!
        Shelly in South Carolina

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          This doesn't look at all like your first time, it's very nice the way it is. Are you happy with it?


          • Survival-Knit
            Survival-Knit commented
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            Yes and no. I am honestly surprised at myself at how well it came out. But I'm not so happy with the thread choice of the face and hands because you can barely see them now that I have it in a frame and hanging on the wall. Oh well, so is life when learning something new.

          Love the picture, where did you get it, or did you draw it yourself??
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          • Survival-Knit
            Survival-Knit commented
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            I searched online for simple imagines of the Assumption of Mary. I think I ended up copying a coloring book image which was designed a little more like stain glass. I just didn't add the extra lines.

          • crosstitchlinda
            crosstitchlinda commented
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            That is a great way to get patterns!

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