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Embroidery Helps

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    Embroidery Helps

    I came across these wonderful videos on YouTube.


    Sarah Homfray Embroidery

    I started with the one called stitches for lettering. Very helpful. She makes it look so easy.
    “It is a queer thing. In a time of great need, when powerful leadership is demanded, the people—confused and excited—hear only the strident voices of the audacious, and refuse to listen to the voice of wisdom which, being wise, is temperate.”
    ― Lloyd C. Douglas, The Robe

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    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing the link!
    Ilvermorny’s FiberKind Campus is waiting for you!🧙

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      It's so beautiful! I love the intricacy of the design. The close-up photos reveal the stunning detail that is more often missed. I create designs with a heat press machine and press them onto different surfaces, but this is much more impressive! Quality Punch Embroidery


      • hereami
        hereami commented
        Editing a comment
        I hope your business prospers.

        I see that you are a New Member. Welcome. I hope you enjoy this site.
        Are you located in Pakistan? (I followed your link and that is the only contact info listed for your business)
        Only asking because I am interested in where the FiberKind members are located.
        Again...Welcome. Please consider introducing yourself on the main board.

        If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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