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    Can anyone give me advice about plying singles into a 4-ply before I make a huge mess/mistake? It's all only practice, but you never know...someone might have a tip to make it tons easier.
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    This answer is from someone who has only done 3-plies. There is the "The Gentle Art of Plying" video download from Long Thread Media, by Judith MacKenzie, which is very good, which I will link below. I'm sure you know to let singles rest overnight to relax some of the twist so that you don't have to fight with them. Some highly recommend rewinding singles to redistribute twist prior to plying. I like to have something on the floor between the lazy kate and the wheel to help separate the singles so I can re-insert my fingers between them to keep them straight before letting twist in. I also like to have a couple of clothes pins nearby to help hold things if I need to stop and untangle. I keep the lazy kate well behind me, to one side. I measure the distance from the orifice to my stomach and maintain the same distance for each set of treadles, which I count before letting the yarn onto the bobbin. Personally, I like a small amount of tension on my lazy kate and sometimes I tilt it angled away from me to create some drag. I make notes of my treadles and ratios. Your yarn looks yummy! Have fun!


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      PurlgirlButtons You could probably do fine without one but it does help me feel in control - you could turn a chair on its side and run the singles through the spokes, or borrow a cooling rack from the kitchen - as long as the object used isn't snaggy, of course (HORRORS!).

    • PurlgirlButtons
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      Well, I did it, it wasn't spectacular, but it is done! See above.

    • Carlota
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      Well I think it looks amazing! Very even, and clean colors - well done!

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