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Scarfs and Cowls

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    Scarfs and Cowls

    This thread is for our designers to list their scarf and cowl patterns. Please provide a link to your own website, or your pattern at Lovecrafts, etsy, etc where purchasers can find your pattern for sale.

    I recommend using the following format:
    • Share a picture – everyone likes to see what it looks like
    • Yarn used in photo and weight of yarn
    • Gauge, needles
    • Yardage used
    • Link to the website where they can purchase the pattern
    • Other information you would consider important
    • USE TAGS! It may help folks find your patterns easier
    Knitting is happening here! ❤️

    Stashbuster MAL 2021: WTD + 16; YTD +423
    Stashbuster MAL 2020: -286

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    The Dual Dualities Cowl celebrates the beauty of opposites with light and dark colored yarn of differing weights worked together.

    The cowl is worked flat starting with a field of linen stitch with the yarns held together, then switching it up to a large field of beautiful mosaic, finishing with stunning stripes before seaming the two ends together.

    Written instructions and mosaic chart provided.
    Video tutorial for stockinette mosaic available on my YouTube Channel.

    Basic Info

    This is what I used. You do not have to use the same.
    A (Light Color) - Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk
    4 ply - fingering
    75% Extra Fine Merino 20% Silk 5% Cashmere
    50g, 184yds/170m Shade 0100
    B (Dark Color) - Austermann Kid Silk - lace
    75% Mohair 25% Silk
    25g, 246 yds/225m Shade 21

    24” circulars recommended, but long straights will do

    24 sts x 44 rows = 4”/10cm
    linen stitch pattern, blocked

    Stitch markers (optional)
    Tapestry needle

    43 1/2” long x 11” wide
    125 g used total

    Stitch Patterns
    Linen Stitch (yarns held together)
    Stockinette Stripes
    Stockinette Mosaic

    Pattern available for $5 on Payhip, Lovecrafts & Rav.

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      I found these three skeins of super soft natural alpaca at Lambtown in Dixon, CA in 2019 and created the Fanfare Shadow Cowl to show off the natural beauty of the yarn.

      The softest Alpaca with amazing drape allows this beautiful accessory to pair effortlessly with just about any look. Fold it in half for a thicker shorter 2-color cowl, or wear it tall and snuggly right up under your chin and show all 3 colors.

      You could certainly use another fiber, too! Any fingering to sport weight yarn you want close to your skin will work. Choose neutral colors like I did, or go for bright contrasting colors, whatever you like!

      Making this cowl is a quick and relatively mindless knit worked seamlessly in stockinette in the round. The colors blend together over a mosaic shadow, which keeps it just interesting enough to keep you from getting bored. Use natural colors like I did, or go for wilder contrasting colors, whichever you prefer! You could also opt for a shorter cowl and work just two colors. It's too easy to make it your own, something I strive for with all of my patterns.

      Written instructions and mosaic chart provided.
      Video tutorial for stockinette mosaic available on my YouTube Channel.

      Yarn: approx 330 yds of fingering weight yarn

      This is what I used for my sample. You do not need to use the same. This accessory could be worked in any fingering or sport weight yarn. Just get close to the gauge I did to avoid any additional math:
      Fanfare Farms 100% Fine Alpaca
      Grade 3 23-26 micron, approx 110 yds, 1.5 oz
      C1 Color 1 - brown
      C2 Color 2 - tan
      C3 Color 3 - light grey

      US5 16” Circular

      23 sts x 30 rows = 4”/10cm
      stockinette, blocked

      Stitch marker
      Tapestry needle

      18” tall x 9 3/4” wide, halved
      approx 19.5” circumference

      Pattern available for $3 on Lovecrafts, Payhip and Rav.

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Name:	image_9814.jpg
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        Hedge Maze & Pathways Cowl
        Loose yourself in the meditative slipping of stitches and fascinating textures you’ll create with fun mosaic knitting and the always impressive brioche. Wrap it twice for a long and lovely accent piece, or triple wrap it for cozy warmth. This pattern is a great introduction to mosaic and brioche knitting, as well as provisional cast on and three needle bind off, with detailed written instruction and links to tutorials in case you get stuck. But I don't think you will. See what some of the test knitters had to say:

        "I did not know anything about mosaic knitting, I had not yet learned to do brioche, and I have never done a 3 needle bind off! Alas, a few youtube tutorials on the different techniques and this pattern was no trouble to follow. I only admit to this to show that this can be a good project for someone looking to learn new techniques. "

        "I really like the mosaic knitting technique."

        "I can’t wait to start the next mosaic section. I am looking forward to this all coming together. Very happy so far."

        "First time doing mosaic. Loving it. Love the technique. Really loved the pattern, very easy to follow."

        Yarn - any DK will do
        I used:
        Old Rusted Chair Squish DK
        250 yds/229 meters, 115g/4.06oz
        4 ply 100% Superwash Merino
        1 skein per color (sample used almost all of it up)

        Sample in
        Color A - Goblet Green
        Color B - Ridin’ Out the Storm
        Color C - Moondance

        US8 for mosaic (3) - 1 extra needed for bind off
        US6 circular or double pointed needles for brioche

        Scrap Yarn
        Crochet Hook
        Tapestry Needle

        10 sts x 10 rows = 2” mosaic garter, blocked

        Approx 9.5” wide x 65” circumference (each mosaic section and brioche striping is approx 20” pre-blocking, with garter ridges in between those sections)

        Pattern available for $6 on Lovecrafts, Payhip or Rav.

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          "Mine says Swarley" -Barney Stinson

          The Swarley Cowl is a quick, single-skein cowl worked over an easy to remember stitch repeat that beautifully highlights unique hand-dyed yarns, and the inside is different from but as interesting as the outside, making it aesthetically reversible.

          Tips provided on how to easily make it your own, whether you want to make it narrower, longer, or a custom marled effect.

          Yarn - any DK or 2 fingering yarns held double will work great
          I used this for my sample:

          The Fiber Seed - Sprout DK in Bougainvillea
          1 skein
          250 yds/230 meters, 100g/3.5oz
          90% Washable Merino Wool, 10% Nylon

          US6/4mm 16” circulars or DPNS

          10 sts x 17 rows = 2”/5cm
          Mock Ribbing, blocked

          Stitch marker
          Removable Stitch Marker (optional)
          Tapestry needle

          Sample - Size L (after blocking)
          9” tall x 11 1/2” wide, halved
          approx 24” circumference
          82g used

          Pattern available for $4 on Lovecrafts, Payhip & Rav.

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            Film Strip Scarf

            Reminiscent of a film strip, the repeating stripes and blocks of this scarf will look great on anyone and everyone. Super bulky yarn makes the easy to remember repeats of just knits and purls work up super fast! Make it as long or short as you like!

            Great for beginners or last minute gifts.

            Sample used 164g of Adriafil Candy Super Bulky yarn, but choose any super bulky yarn, or hold 2 bulky yarns together to make a super bulky, or use two colors of bulky held together for a marled effect!

            Pattern available for $3 on Lovecrafts, Payhip & Rav.

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              The Sunset Cowl Poncho is the perfect convertible outer layer is worked seamlessly from the top down using short rows to shape the back and raglan increases for shoulder shaping, adorned with a twisted stitch pillar down the front, lace diamond inserts at the elbows and an eyelet edging. Wear it as a drapey cowl, pull it down over your shoulders just a little for a capelet/cowl, or pull it all the way down for a poncho.

              Easily customize the pattern with an i-cord or ribbed neck, use a single textured or speckled yarn, or experiment with your own yarn combinations. And if you don’t like the hug of a snug poncho, simply continue your raglan increases longer for a wider, looser poncho. Just remember you’ll need more yarn.

              Great stash busting for fingering weight yarns. You'll need 900-1200 yds depending on modifications for sizing.

              Pattern available for $5 on Lovecrafts, Payhip & Rav.

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                Introducing the new Petrosinella Cowl pattern!

                The fairy tale Rapunzel was based on the Italian tale Petrosinella published in 1634 by Giambattista Basile, and is the earliest recorded version of the story. The romantic ringlets and twists of this cowl are inspired by what I think Rapunzel’s beautiful hair might look like, with curls and braids meandering throughout.

                Worked seamlessly in the round, it uses less than one skein of chunky yarn and, despite its romantic inspiration, is suited to look great on anyone. Choose a soft feminine colored yarn, or something more bold and masculine. Because it is somewhat sturdy it can be worn tall on those crisp, windy days to keep your whole neck warm. But it can also be squished or rolled down low around the neck.

                Written and charted instructions are provided, as well as video tutorials.

                This pattern is suitable for adventurous beginner knitters. https://www.jentollknits.com/2021/08...ella-cowl.html
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