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Calling All Rigid Heddle Weavers!

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    Hi everyone, I have a 16 " Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle, love it! I added a Weavers Choice heddle (12 to 5 dpi) I'm looking at a smaller Ashford that has the 2 dpi for making yarn art. My loom is waiting for a project but I did finish a forever "dog on the loom" table runner made of salvage edges of painter drop canvas cloth. Its rough but works for the 7 1/2 ft picnic table.
    Looking forward to seeing and learning about your weaving projects!

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      Hi Carlota, Thank You! I'm the same way , i'm knitting socks right now but this thread has got me excited to warp up the loom. Liz Gipson is awesome, I got her dvd on double weaving. Lots of fall project in store : ) Looking forward to seeing your projects.

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      Hello Debbi, Thank you. I recycle the salvage edges of fabrics. Edges that would be tossed are beautiful to use in fiber art, spin and weave.

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      Not sure why I could not post on each comment separately, so had to do it this way. Theres only a flag on each comment and not a comment button.

    I just bought a 20 inch Schacht Flip and am waiting for the stand to be delivered. I've been weaving for over 20 years. I was lucky enough to have Nancy Hoskins as my teacher when we both worked for Lane Community College.
    I fell in love with the vintage Structo looms and collected 3 of them. 2 tiny metal looms, both of which had been used in schools in the East, and my numbered Maple 4 shaft table loom.
    The 2 shaft metal one is now in the Eugene Textile Center in a glass case. I still use the 4 shaft metal one for miniature and sample work. I have used the Maple table loom as a rigid heddle by taking the castle off.
    It and the metal one have spools that can be rewound and a special hex rod to make them work. But, It is time for the Maple Loom to be passed down to the younger members of the family and it is too heavy for me to lift anymore. I bought it from Robin and Russ weavers in McMinnville not long before Russ died of cancer, so there is no way I would ever sell it.
    I'm very interested in trying to make a 4 shaft cardboard loom that I found online the other day, and plan to make more rigid heddles with frames and fabric heddles. I I already have 4 commercial ones.
    I've been doing fiber crafts for over 65 years, and none have ever bored me.


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