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Twill star or Pinwheel pattern drafts for 4-shaft looms

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    Twill star or Pinwheel pattern drafts for 4-shaft looms

    I am looking for pattern drafts for pinwheel designs for a 4-shaft loom. I'm wondering if any of you have done this? If so, I'd love to see some pictures. I did find these on :

    Those are nice drafts - especially the one on the far right of the five that pop up. It looks really complex - but I think it isn't. I will attach a pay-for draft from my LYS, not for you to buy but to see the reed is a 10 and the yarn is 8/2 cotton - so I guess you could use this combination with another pinwheel draft when you decide on one you like.


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      Oh, that is a beautiful pattern! Thanks for sharing it! The pinwheels stand out when they are accents, rather than covering the entire piece, which I think is what I like. I don't have any specific project in mind yet. I just know I want to do the pinwheels. I know they can be done on the rigid heddle loom as well, but I think once the floor loom is warped, the actual process would be much easier and faster, although I'm not necessarily trying to rush through it.

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